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LA Dodger Talk
SO Close, Yet So Far Away
6 HRS AGO - NOTE: THIS WAS WRITTEN BEFORE THE HOF ANNOUNCEMENT. With voting on the early days and golden age Expand
4 DAYS AGO - On August 12, 1994, the MLB Players walked off and the player strike began.  The strike ended Expand
Best Individual Seasons In Dodger History
7 DAYS AGO - I thought I would go back and see who had the best individual seasons in the history of the team. Expand
MiLB Matters
11/27/2021 - On Monday MiLB released the 2021 Expand
Amphetamines and Steroids. They Are Both Pharmaceutical Supplements To Improve Performance
11/24/2021 - The discussion between Bear and B&P on the use of drugs in Baseball got me to thinking.  Expand
The Game Has Changed and Not For the Better
11/18/2021 - Earlier in the week I had a dialogue with MT and Bluto regarding the lack of confidence I have in Expand
LAD Prospects Need Fans’ Patience
11/15/2021 - Much has been written about the slow start of Gavin Lux’s MLB career.  Mostly by impatient Expand
MiLB Matters
11/11/2021 - A while back someone suggested that my column perhaps should be called, MiLB Matter with Dodger Expand
Hurry Up and Wait!
11/7/2021 - The 800-pound gorilla in the room is the CBA between MLB and the MLBPA. I think it’s way too Expand
2 DAYS AGO - Rule 5 Draft This was written before the MLB lockout. The Rule 5 Draft is scheduled for Tuesday, Expand
Breaking the Barrier
5 DAYS AGO - In 1947 Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier by becoming the first person of color to play in Expand
Introducing Your 1890 Brooklyn Bridegrooms
11/30/2021 - Hello, baseball fans and welcome to the 1890 edition of your Brooklyn Bridegrooms. Coming off of a Expand
Utility Player
11/26/2021 - I got to thinking about this since I have had a couple of spirited discussions with a friend of Expand
Dodger’s Weekly Roundup
11/21/2021 - As we all know, just before the Rule 5 Deadline, the Dodgers cut ties with Billy McKinney and Zach Expand
Why Baseball?
11/17/2021 - I got to thinking the other day about why baseball is my favorite sport. And I also wondered why Expand
Baseball – The War Years
11/14/2021 - A few days ago, we celebrated Veterans Day. A day that we thank those who have served our country Expand
End of an Era?
11/9/2021 - Well, let the bidding begin.  A number of publications have put out their top 50 Free Agents Expand
LAD and Free Agency???
11/6/2021 - There has been a lot of speculation about FA the Dodgers may want to re-sign or sign.  We Expand
Baseball is in Deep Trouble
3 DAYS AGO - At first blush, you might think I am talking about the lockout and that certainly is what appears Expand
6 DAYS AGO - One of the quickest ways to start a baseball argument is to simply say, this guy was the greatest Expand
Can You See What Isn’t… Before it is?
11/28/2021 - In no way do I think I have all the answers but do get lucky a lot. I think that it is because I Expand
Happy Thanksgiving!
11/25/2021 - May you and your families have a Happy Thanksgiving... wherever you are! Let’s all count our Expand
Gavin Lux and 2022
11/20/2021 - On November 15, I started to write about the impatience some fans have with Gavin Lux, and it Expand
My Offseason Plan
11/16/2021 - We don’t know what Andrew Friedman and Company will do this offseason and we don’t Expand
The Dodgers Braintrust
11/13/2021 - Andrew Heaney will not be the first low-risk high-reward pitcher signing. It is pretty common to Expand
Something Does Not Add Up!
11/9/2021 - I know that five out of four people struggle with math, but let me break something down for you. Expand

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